12,000 ft

Skydiving had long been on my bucket list and this year I ticked it off. My choice of location was the Bay of Islands in New Zealand's North Island.  

Words cannot describe the feeling you get from throwing yourself out of a plane. It is one of the most unnatural things you can do, yet it works! After falling 12,000 feet you can still land safely on the ground- miracle !

After plucking up the courage to sign up for the sky dive its wasn't the smoothest of build ups to the jump itself. Obviously there is a serious element of risk with partaking in a sky dive so the weather conditions have to be pretty spot on. Sadly for me that meant my first scheduled dive was cancelled. Luckily I got to go the next day as the skies cleared.

It still wasn't plain sailing even then, myself and two others plus our instructors got harnessed up and took off. We reached the heights of 5000 ft before it was deemed too dangerous to jump as the cloud cover was too thick ( apparently you have to see the landing spot before you can safely jump- good to know!! ) we then had to land the plane. You can imagine the mix of emotions going on here!!!!! It was truly third time lucky as the next attempt was successful.

The doors open and you shuffle to the edge of the plane- feet hanging off the edge, I'm literally going no no no no no. The instructors are great though and pretty much just force you out the plane.

Then the freefall- all I did was scream and scream,- my friend was watching from the ground and could genuinely hear me. I'm not sure if I am proud or ashamed of that!

After the longest 45 seconds of my existence the parachute was up and I no long felt my life was going to completely end. At this point you can actually appreciate the phenomenal view.

My instructor gave me control of the parachute so there I was floating through the air controlling my fate. It took quite a while before the landing spot came in to view and I could spot my friend on the ground below.

 Landing was the smoothest thing ever, hit the x bang on and landed on my feet.

A ridiculously surreal 5 minutes and you can't quite believe you have done it - walking suddenly feels weird.

Obviously I purchased the photos and video worth it for the laugh !!! I was certainly grateful for the music played over the top of what would have just been me screaming. To go along with every cliché it is one of those experiences you genuinely cannot explain- you just have to do it for yourself.

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