Wanderlusting 2018

A little later than planned as we are now shockingly in February- literally where on earth did January go, but I wanted to share where I am wanderlusting after this year.

From my previous posts you already know last year was one of incredible trips, all of which were long haul, so this year I want to explore more of Europe. As it stands I have absolutely nothing booked, which is making me rather uneasy but I am sure some trips will happen when you least expect.

So where I am wanderlusting after?


A pretty iconic city in Spain and yet I have never been, I am dreaming of sipping on sangria, eating my body weight in tapas and exploring the beautiful architecture.

The Azores

Ever since a presentation at work back in 2014, when I first even learnt where the Azores were, I have wanted to go. To see the beauty, go whale watching and explore a pretty undiscovered gem of Europe.

The Netherlands

Another country I have never been to is the Netherlands, and a friend and I have blocked out a weekend in Europe for a city break. This happens to co-incide with the tulip festival so we figured it would be a great opportunity, will see if we can make it work though.

Other than that I really don't know where 2018 will take me, and I think this year I want to keep it that way and let things be a bit more spontaneous. Where are you hoping to travel to this year?

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