Better late then never- is that the eld saying? Well it is certainly going to apply to the majority of my posts coming up, as I majorly slacked off last year and failed to tell you about my many once in a life time trips last year. 

First up in the backlog is my trip to JAPAN. Yup that's right the very top of my bucket list destination, AND I ACTUALLY WENT. It was 10 days of adventure, culture and all the randomness Japan has to offer and even nicer was I went with my fam. Having not had a big family trip for several years this was the perfect opportunity as my little bro was over there for work. 

I am going to bore you with ALOT of Japan posts, because there is just too much good stuff, as boy did we pack it in. I'm starting, randomly, with our day trip to Nara - blame the fact I said I would on insta about 6 months ago. Nara was pretty much in the middle of the trip so no logical reason to start there but here goes.....

To get there was an easy train journey from Kyoto (or Osaka for that matter) then after a short 15 minute walk, up a street packed with cute shops ( spoiler I am a total sucker for tourist tatt, so you may think they are less cute) you'll be greeted by the deers of Nara. 

The deer are so docile and friendly and more than obliging when it comes to posing for a selfie, just watch it if you have food as they then become rather cheeky. The whole park is great for a wander and you'll never be too far from a sleeping deer (or 10), there are many beautiful temples and pagodas to explore too, so it is rather easy to while away a day before catching the train back.

If you have more time then you could easily stay a night or two and explore even more, or do so at a more leisurely pace. I mean I would be lying if I said we went in every temple- hey sometimes the exterior is the most impressive bit!

Less time in the temples meant more time for the deer anyway, just look how poised they are ! 

Nara should be part of any Japan itinerary for sure, less known then Kyoto but still with so much charm and character (plus the train is included in the Japanese rail pass- more on that in another post).

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