Crystal Lake Hike

I won't pretend to be much of a "hiker" but on the trip to Cali last Autumn my friend and I couldn't really help ourselves. One of the stand out walks has to be that up to Crystal lake. Recommended by the staff at the hotel we drove the windy roads parked our car and explored.

Not really knowing what to expect we were hit with this as an opener. 

Pretty damn stunning, the autumn colours, the blue sky, the reflection. It just screams the heart eyed emoiji ! In fact that photo has been my phone background for weeks. 

Once we had absorbed that view in enough we located the start of the trail and set off. Now the trail is in the woods and full of "switchbacks" for those Brits it basically means tonnes of windy back and forth trails as it is too steep to just go straight up. Please bring water, as despite the swtichbacks it is uphill!!

Every now and then though you turn a corner and are greeted with sneaky views between the trees.

We hit what we thought was the top of the route with no obvious views to be seen, thankfully my friend wandered off route as the discovery was this....

A crazy view of the several lakes beneath us. It took my breath away ( and not just because I was unfit!)

That wasn't the end of the trail though, oh no a little further downhill was Crystal Lake, which again was just wow. We pretty much had it to ourselves so we just sat and admired. There is something quite inspiring about sitting in silence in a place of such beauty. 

Now the walk back is nice and down hill, and you of course get to admire the views a second time around. Our little exploration only took a couple of hours, as we didn't rush, but it is only about a 45 min walk from the start of the trail to the lake so perfectly doable for all. 

If you are in Mammoth lakes this is an absolute must !


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