I figured you all may be getting a little bored of my California adventures (there are so many more though) so I am taking a break to tell you about my whirlwind trip to Bruges.

Now I have been to Belgium before way back at school, on a  trip to the Battlefields but I had never been to the picturesque Bruges before. Fast forward a decade and I was on the Eurostar for a speedy city break. This happened to my first trip on the Eurostar, and it was a big disappointment. It was old and smelt- but I reckon I was just a tad unlucky. Anyway it got us there and Bruges was more than worth it.

Every building deserved a photo, and the shops were all so cute. We wandered the shops, ate Flemish food, sampled all the chocolate, and took a boat trip along the canals. It was certainly a jam packed weekend! The main reason for the trip was the Christmas market, which was just the WORST it was filled with overpriced naff crap and was way too busy considering! That didn't matter though as one look round we left to find other treats!!! Including this delightfully lovely restaurant.

One thing I must tell you about is the beautiful airbnb we stayed in, Katrien the host was just lovely, and the building had been restored to the highest of standards, the photos really don't do it justice. If you are in Bruges I recommend this wholeheartedly, and if you are new to airbnb use this link for some money off.

All in all my less than 48 hours in Bruges was ideal, just wish teleportation was a thing and they knew how to put on a christmas market but hey you can't have everything can you!

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