Mammoth Lakes

When deciding where to stay in Yosemite National Park we were a little clueless. Properties ranged from camp sites to something quite extortionate. After trawling online a nice bargain popped up in the form of Juniper Spring Resort, in the surprisingly beautiful Mammoth Lakes. Knowing nothing of Mammoth Lakes we couldn't quite believe how ridiculously stunning the entire area was- we were so glad we accidentally opted to stay here. The resort whilst traditionally a ski one, was still quite something in the early Autumn months. It was also so quiet so most of these places we had to our selves!

On our first day we hopped in the car and drove to June Lake, Gull Lake, Silver Lake, and Grant Lake.  This is basically the June Lake loop if you keep an eye out for sign posts. Every single lake was different and just breath taking. We paddled the waters, wandered the surrounds and just took it all in. The weather was also an absolute dream, the bluest of skies and the perfect back drop for photos galore. All of the below were just snapped on my iPhone and no editing occurred at all! Have to say even I am impressed with myself! 

My advice if you are in the area is to 100% hire a car, getting around without one just isn't an option. If you are scared about driving in the States don't be, me and my friend had never driven on the left, or an automatic, or on the left side of the car. We even had to ask the car hire company how to start the thing and we survived !!! In fact I don't ever want to drive a manual ever again! Having a car meant we could totally do our own thing and mooch at our own pace it also meant in three days in the national park we saw a lot. So much so you can expect at least half a dozen posts!! In fact this is going to be the first of many lake based posts, but they are all so unique and just bloody spectacular so enjoy the piccys. 


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