After Vegas I headed to San Fransisco for the first time- more on that in some other posts, but being the a typical tourist I wanted to tell you about my trip to Alcatraz. First things first book in advance !! I am usually really laid back and don't plan ahead but as I literally had the option of 1 day to make this trip I am so glad I booked ahead as I wouldn't have got a ticket on the day. That said a lil tip for you if you don't book in advance if you set those alarm clocks early then they do release 50 tickets on the day. When I say early I mean get in the queue for 6am and you should guarantee yourself a ticket for that day. 

So once you have your ticket you head down to the pier to catch the ferry over to Alcatraz, even the journey is great and gives you seriously impressive views of the city.

Once on the island grab your audio guide and start exploring. Alongside the audio guides there are also guides which tell you stories of Alcatraz. One guide I listened to had tales of escapes! The speaker was engaging and above all the stories were brilliant so I would highly recommend spending the extra time to stop and listen. As far as audio guides go this one was pretty good ! I can often loose interest or wander off track but this tourI kept to the route to make sure I heard everything. 

Do make sure you wander outside too as the views of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge are pretty sweet. I also caught a sailing race! 


All in all my few hours at Alcatraz totally surpassed expectations and if you are in San Francisco a trip here is a must. The place is steeped in history and I left having learnt a lot ! Have any of you been ? What did you think ?

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