If you have been following this blog for a while you will know I like random city breaks in Europe. Location is usually decided by where Ryanair is flying too for the cheapest price, and back in January that spot was Riga. The capital of Latvia was to most a bonkers choice in January as the weather was less than ideal. Actually thats unfair the skies were blue, the sun shining and snow made the whole place look adorable. What was slightly ridiculous was the temperature a chilly minus 15 degrees C. In other words absolutely bloody freezing. Our survival tactic was stopping for food all of the time !

Riga as a city is perfect to walk around and our Airbnb was in an ideal spot. We wandered the old town, walked along the frozen over river and explored a few museums. We ate traditional food- think meat and carbs and enjoyed live music. Given the temperatures we didn't have any wild nights out at all, but honestly we didn't want or need to ! 

There isn't a million things to do in Riga so as we were there for the weekend we opted for a little day trip to Sigulda which I shall tell you about in some other posts as I have way too many photos. So to finish here are a selection of photos of the lovely city of Riga. 

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