Wanderlusting 2016

To keep in theme with last year and to see what I actually stick to, I wanted to tell you all where I am wanderlusting after for 2016. I am going to cheat a little as there are a few trips already planned, but there's some extra's in here too! Given last year I only made it to 3 different countries not 4 as planned I am going to be super optimistic and aim for 5 this year to make up for things !!

So where am I scheming to visit this year........


Well I may have already been agh big cheat here. I went last weekend on a little city break to beat the January blues. It was just beautiful, so once I have caught up on Morocco and Copenhagen posts you'll hear all about my few days in Latvia. Here's a lil glimpse though..

Las Vegas

Again I am cheating, as I actually fly in 3 days ahhhhh this is a work trip though ( bloody love my job!!!!!) so it won't be all sight seeing but I am hopeful for some time to hit the strip, the slots and just    get totally immersed in Vegas' randomness.

San Fransisco

Same as Vegas, as after then I am heading to San Fran to work in our HQ for the following week. Means I get 8 days in a city I have longed to visit. I am majorly cramming in as much sightseeing as possible over the weekend then the evenings should be filled with good food. Requirement of the job and all that ;)


This is the last planned trip of the year- it just so happens to be the week after I get back from the States- my start to the year is epic if I say so myself. Another city jaunt but this time there's seven of  us so I am expecting this to be a boozier one !


Honestly I can't believe I have never been to Italy yet, like its madness. So this is certainly on the list for 2016. I'm not going to name a city as honestly I don't even mind where I go, I just know I need to get myself there.


If I am being realistic/sensible this absolutely won't happen but I do like to plan for at least one long haul destination. It got mentioned last year and Indonesia is somewhere I would love to go, the weather, the beaches, the komodos and the price ! Lots of draws, so lets see with this one.

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