Wanderlusting 2015- Looking Back

Oh Hi !!

So I kinda let this blog slide a little- apologies. Seems to be a common occurrence, I blog twice a week for a couple of months then sort of get super busy with life and don't post for months. So yeah sorry about that inconsistency, but you know that happens doesn't it.

Anyway with it being January, (I realise I kinda already suck as its the 18th)I thought I would add to my new year plans (resolution seems too formal) to bring this lil blog back to life. I won't make any major promises but I shall try my best to keep new content a coming.

This sort of time last year I wrote a post about wanderlusting for 2015. I rather ambitiously thought I would visit Jordan, Oslo, Mexico and Prague. Well I managed 1 of the 4 !! Oopssssss What happened eh ?

Well Jordan was a prize I won through work, everything was organised and we were pretty much ready to go, then things kinda got a lil ugly with some bad press. Now this isn't something that would majorly stop me but I was taking my mum on this trip so we put it on hold for later in the year. Later in the year came and I left that job to move to the big smoke. So with that move, meant me giving up that prize. Rubbish hey, but that is life and I bloomin love my new job. Everything happens for a reason and all that jazz.

Oslo- this actually happened. Why thank you Ryanair sale! I treated to you quite a few posts about this charming city. There was all the fun basically free things to do, the glorious Mathallen Market and then just a tonne of pretty pictures.

Mexico and Prague ended up being Morocco and Copenhagen. Why? Well I really want to explore Mexico properly so reckon I need at least 2 weeks. With the move to London and swapping jobs I kinda lost out on valuable holiday to take so it wrote off my Mexico trip. Instead 4 nights in Marrakech for some Autumn sun happened instead ( I still need to tell you about that trip!).

And why Copenhagen not Prague, well quite simply money. We had a weekend set aside for a little city break and we literally picked the cheapest flights. Copenhagen was absolutely perfect though so no regrets there, will just be saving Prague for another time. You still haven't heard about Copenhagen either so watch this space for those posts too.

Whilst I had hoped to visit 4 (new if poss) countries in 2015 in turned out to only be 3. I guess I was a little disappointed, but then again I made a big move to London a reality which more than makes up for that. I also shouldn't be so greedy either as I know being able to travel is a major privilege !!

So as I said last year I can look back in 2016 and see if my wanderlusting turned into a reality. It most certainly did, but not totally as I expected! Bet you can all guess what my next post is going to be !

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