RWC- Ireland vs Canada

A little slow with this post, but as World Cup fever has well and truly struck I thought now was a good time to tell you about my jaunt to the Millennium Stadium 10 days ago. Let me set the scene it was the opening weekend of the Rugby World Cup and Cardiff was absolutely chocker block with rugby fans. The sun was shining and it was an absolutely glorious day.

Going back a little further way back three years when obtaining London 2012 tickets never quite went to plan and we got a total of zero bloody tickets to anything!! (sob sob not that I'm still bitter or anything). This meant that when the Rugby World tickets went on sale me and the fam opted for a whole different approach- the best seats and non England games. Having an Irish Dad actually meant the decision not to opt for England tickets a hell of a lot easier. I am pretty fickle when it comes to supporting sports teams and when it came to rugby I had always been a bit of an Ireland fan, still am even now that Mr O'D has hung up his boots ( I'm England when it comes to other sports, don't panic!).  Anyways our tactic worked and we scored the best priced seats in the house- top work Dad and a big thanks for those !!!!

Having got allocated tickets welllllll over a year ago it kinda never felt that the game would come around, but as life does, time flew by and sure enough the 19th of September was upon us. So myself and the rest of the fam headed to Wales to watch Ireland take on Canada. Now it wasn't the most of challenging of games for the boys in green but man the atmosphere was good. IREEEEELLAANNNNDDDD IRREAAAALLLLLANNNNDDDD was belted out and a mexican wave or several made its way around the stadium. The result obviously made the day even sweeter, but being the sporting fans everyone is at rugby games even the Irish fans were willing the Canadians to get on the scoreboard after a few disallowed tries ( bet they were thinking bloody TMO).

All in all the day was just splendid and we even squeezed in a scrumptious tapas lunch too, La Bodega if you fancy some authentic Spanish delights.

I promise to go back to some proper travel posts soon, I am off to Morocco next week so keep your eyes peeled for posts about that in the next few weeks.

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