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I have another cool new travel app for you all. This time think social media meets hotels. For this post it is best to hand straight over to the brains behind the app.....

'It’s been said that only when we travel do we truly begin to live. Whether we’re traveling solo, with a companion or with our family, traveling expands our horizons and educates us differently than if we were to just read a book.

We also like to create real, physical connections. 

Enter HelloTel.

This free travel app (available on Android, iOS and Apple Watch) transforms a routine hotel check-in into a rich social network specifically for travelers. 

Once you launch the app, it automatically searches for nearby hotels. Once you find yours, just “check in”.

After you filter your activity as traveling for social or business, as well as at the hotel you’ve checked into or those nearby…

…you’re in the most unique travelers-only social news feed. Post pictures and status updates, and comment on other users’ activity and send them “kudos”.

Connect, socialize and let others around you know where you are, what your plans are, and take it from there. 

You’ll be notified whenever you or your posts receive messages, comments or “kudos”. 

HelloTel on the Apple Watch is just as fun, vibrant and easy to use – reasons why we’re currently one of the most popular travel apps out there.

What will you do on your next trip? Sit around in your hotel and mope because you don’t have anything to do and nobody to do it with? Or will you download HelloTel and get out to connect and socialise?'

I haven't had the opportunity to use the app properly yet as I haven't stayed in any hotels recently "sigh" soon hopefully!!! I can however testament as to how easy to use it was, as I did have a look around the app to check out its features. 

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