School Life - Yiwu

As mentioned in previous posts, whilst staying in Yiwu we attended school for a few days. This was an eye opening experience and anyone at school in the UK never complain about your work load ! The school was strict and regimented to an extent but the pupils were just a delight. They were smart, funny, witty and so very friendly. Everyone we met was just so exited to come and say hello. Their English was brilliant and enthusiasm-infectious, so yes school was strict but with pupils turning out that way something was working that's for sure,

So the lessons, we took mandarin classes, as well as thai chi, calligraphy and table tennis. We got to do the fun ones, obviously ! They all took a lot of skill though and certainly weren't easy to master. One part of the school day we weren't expecting was the school run. Yes you heard right the whole school runs a 1km every day. Classes line up in perfect formation and run in order, no overtaking it, wasn't a competition for the fastest it was simply deemed that exercise is good for you so everyone had to partake. 

Our involvement actually made the local news, as we were sat in our hosts apartment that evening the local news came on and there we were. Was quite the experience seeing yourself on Chinese TV !!

At the end of our time at the school there happened to be the annual talent show where performances from pupils of all ages were showcased. Now as we were there we were invited to perform. This was quite last minute and practice time was limited, our efforts were to be honest embarrassing in comparison to the incredible talent that performed ahead of us. None the less the 1000 strong audience thought we were the best thing ever and I don't think I have ever recieved an applause so loud!

 Attending school in China was enlightening for so many good reasons. There were no barriers between us and them, we were all just teenagers and at the end of the day we had a lot in common. This was certainly true when one evening a bunch of us were taken by our hosts to a KTV bar. One of the parents had booked us a VIP room , we had glitter microphones, instruments and a huge screen to singalong to 90s Classics. it was a truly hilarious evening and just showed that even with language being a slight barrier whack on some cheesy music and you can just sing and dance about all night.

Our hosts and the school were so unbelievably generous we were showered with gifts constantly and my memories of my time there are still strong some 7 years later. I know it's not great blogging practice to talk about things which happened so long ago, but it was such a special trip and one I remember oh so well I just had to share it. Have you ever been on a trip like this ? What were your thoughts ?

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