West Lake

West Lake located in the city of Hangzhou (the capital of Zheijang Province, in China) is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Many visitors to China are unlikely to visit, but will see it everyday! How ? Well the West Lake is the image on the back of the one yuan note. I however, not only saw it in paper form but also by boat exploring the lake itself.

The lake is beautiful despite the somewhat questionable weather we experienced that day. The boat took us around to various nooks and crannies, but I am certain there was so much more we didn't manage to see.

Now I have to admit to travelling to China some years ago, in fact it was back in 2008. I was fortunate to visit on an invitational school trip. This meant both good and bad things, we were thoroughly spoilt during our time in the country as everyone really wanted us to see the best China had to offer. So yes, we had access to things you may not do as a tourist but it also meant I have yet to truly get under the skin of the vast country. I shall go back, that's for sure but in the meantime I can't help but reminisce and be truly grateful of the opportunity I was given aged 17.

This will be the first of a few posts about my time in China- as I really did get to see and experience some amazing things that I doubt every tourist will have. Any advice for my next visit?

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