The Grand Palace

An entirely apt name for the beautifully opulent buildings in the heart of Bangkok. The Grand Palace is truly spectacular, if you are in the city be sure to visit. Yes it is popular with tourists, but it is obvious as to why so don't let the crowds put you off. Every tiny minuscule of building is covered in gorgeous colours and detail, so take your time in exploring.

Some tips, as this is a sacred place you are expected to dress appropriately, that means covering up properly. You need to be covered from your ankles to your elbows. Anything deemed unacceptable and you won't be let in. They do very kindly offer clothes which you can borrow to cover up, but expect to queue for this so just go prepared instead. You also have to go barefoot into most of the interior rooms, therefore I would wear shoes which you can slip easily on and off, otherwise you will just take ages putting shoes on and off again.

Something else to watch out for whilst in Bangkok is the "Buddhist Holiday Scam" if you look like a tourist (sadly most of you will) then be prepared for some poor advice from locals. We got stopped by a very friendly chap who saw us with a map and kindly stopped to offer directions- or so we thought! He spoke perfect english and apparently had a son at university in the UK- convenient ! He was quick to tell us that today was a Buddhist holiday and that the Grand Palace was closed. It sounded legit, until his next sentence was I have a tuktuk I can take you on a tour. Alarm bells started ringing and we swiftly made excuses and left. That day wasn't a Buddhist holiday, the Grand Palace wasn't closed he wanted to take us to a gem shop. Thankfully our guts told us something was up, but honestly he sounded so genuine and real- do watch out. BUT please don't get paranoid the Thai's are such a lovely nation and literally 99% of them would just want to help you out, just be wary of the few that have other intentions!

Finally to end on a pretty exciting thing. A friend from work is about to embark on some epic adventures. A week on Monday she is off to Bangkok for the start of a three year trip anyone would be envious of. So I suggest you all go and follow her blog now to read about some pretty sweet escapades ****South Eastern Promises**** Charlotte I am so jealous, have an amazing time (just watch out for those scams!!).


  1. Great article. I can't believe I've never visited the Grand Palace! I mean, I've LIVED in Bangkok AND have visited a dozen times, but somehow I never make it. Maybe next time. Happy travels :)

  2. I can't believe you have never been ! I am guilty of that though, missing amazing things right on your doorstep! Happy travels to you too.


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