Comino is a tiny island located between Malta and Gozo, it is most famous for the Blue Lagoon. It gets its name from the ridiculously coloured sea water, think of the most perfect of blues and that is the colour of the sea. Comino is easily reached by boat from the very North of Malta, it will cost about €15 for a return trip. The boat journey itself is pretty lovely and you get good views of the coastline.

A word of warning though Comino has no beach, it is a rocky island, on the small amount of flat space hundreds of deck chairs have been crammed in. Rather annoyingly you have to pay to use them too. All a bit of a con if you ask me and I refused to part with my money so just found a small spot to leave my belongings whilst I went for a swim. The sea is a perfect temperature and really calm, that day however it was FULL of jellyfish, once you cotton on to the fact you are quite literally surrounded what was an enjoyable swim becomes a bit more stressful.

So in all honesty a bit of a mixed bag for Comino yes the sea is possibly the best colour you may ever witness, but in terms of being able to enjoy it, well thats not so wonderful !

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