I visited Berlin back in 2012, it was a Uni trip where a solid couple of hundred Geographers invaded the city for the weekend (yes I was one of those!) Now I would be lying if I said I really saw everything Berlin had to offer- we hit the highlights day one and the rest was a bit of a blur..... hey we have all had those weekends. Here is some of what we got up to.

We started off at the Brandenburg Gate- where there were cringe tourist snaps a plenty. What these photos don't show you is the bustling road the other side. It always amazes me how such iconic sites sit within the middle of bustling cities which have to still go about their business- they don't stop for tourists you know !

We also went to Check Point Charlie- the city is littered with reminders of the divide. Can you imagine a city split into by an imposing wall? Me either.

The Reichstag is another impressive building. Tours are possible but as you can imagine we were't exactly organised enough for this, you can blame the 20 odd our bus journey from Sheffield. My tip would be to book in advance. Here is the link for you: Bundestag Tours  

The Holocaust Memorial sets to remember and honour the 6 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. The centre is free to visit- it is tough and chilling at times, but extremely interesting and almost certainly worth a visit.

Right by our hostel was this pretty quirky stairwell- organised, artistic graffiti. I only wish I could point you in its direction. Just keep yours eyes peeled!

I guess you could say one of the main reasons for the weekend was for Berlin's nightlife and man it was good. I would go as far as saying some of the best nightclubs I have ever been to. The techno club the first night was dark, dingy, smoky and completely and utterly perfect for raving the night away. Not to sound cliche but it was a hands in the air all night situation. Don't expect an early one either we left at gone 4 and it was still in full swing.

The second night was a little more mainstream- we hit Matrix which was kind of a super club so many rooms and djs you could just get lost and certainly never bored. From dancers on the bars to cages and 90s music it was just one of those brilliant nights.

We did do more than mentioned, but with only one full day it was a whistlestop visit. Here are a few more photos of our Berlin wanderings.

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