Iguassu Falls- Brazil

We spent two days exploring Iguassu Falls (I know there are lots of spellings so apologies if you don't like this way!) first stop was the Brazilian side, we then popped over to Argentina to explore the falls a little closer. I can safely say I took A LOT of photos so thought it best to split this post in two.

So day one was spent in Brazil a quick local bus from our hostel took us to the entrance. We paid the entrance fee (can't quite remember how much I am afraid, just remember it being a little more than expected) and started walking. To sound completely cliche when you first see the falls they do quite literally take your breath away. They are a shining example of how spectacular mother nature can be. 

Following the path through the National Park you a treated to glimpses of the falls from a variety of locations. Whilst wandering you will probably meet a few friends along the way...

Take your time to wander as there are so many great photo ops along the way, you also want to take the time to actually enjoy the beauty of the falls. Lil tip, bring plenty of water with you it gets pretty warm and you need to keep hydrated.

Nearing the end of path you will soon spy a walkway jutting out across the river. You of course must walk along the walkway, but just be prepared to get absolutely soaked as the force of the falls is quite intense.

The final stop on the Brazilian side of the falls is to climb the tower to view the falls from above. You get a spectacular view of the Devil's Throat, expect rainbows a plenty.

The Iguassu Falls are quite honestly too hard to describe in order to do them justice. They are just something you have to go and experience yourself.

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