Beware of the Dingo

The dingo, an animal which looks pretty cute and harmless. Good one.

Fraser Island off Australia's East Coast is home to several of these animals. Fraser is absolutely stunning and pretty diverse but I am saving that for a separate post. This one is all about the dingo.

Now before setting off for your stay on Fraser you are sat down and made to watch a "safety" video explaining all about dingos and the fact you need/should stay away. Add in your guides exaggerated tales and you become stupidly paranoid about these "dogs". The paranoia set in so much I had a slight run in with a dingo myself.

Picture the scene. A pitch black beach, just along from where camp is set up for the night, we have trotted off in our pair to do our business (you can't go alone for safety reasons, obviously!). We are armed with dingo sticks, as we were told to, not expecting to use them of course. All was fine, if a little scary I mean you don't know whats out there and we had stupidly forgotten our torches and just had a phone for light, but we did the deed and were headed back to the safe haven of the tent. 

Out of nowhere the light from our phones caught the eyes of a DINGO. We screamed like girls and reacted in entirely the wrong way. You are advised to stay still and not wave the stick unless the dingo is about to attack, we of course were flapping around pretty stupidly ( goon was probably partly to blame to be honest). It was only thanks to a couple of chaps from our camp that came to our rescue that we got out of that situation. We genuinely ran away.

Back at camp we were breathless and hyped up. We just couldn't believe there we were feet from a dingo. 

In all seriousness at the time it felt like the end of the world, in reality you keep out of the dingo's way and they will keep out of yours. No need to worry, no need to scream and certainly no need to run. Alas I got it all wrong but it is a pretty hilarious story all the same.

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