Aurora 2

So I told you all a little while ago about Airbnb, and my recent trip to Krakow was the perfect opportunity for me to stay in an Airbnb apartment. Decision making was tough as there were so many great listings for Krakow but I think I lucked out big time with my choice! 

Aurora 2 is a brand spanking new listing and we were the first guests to stay there and you could really tell. It was absolutely pristine perfect, it was like walking in to an Ikea showroom and I mean that in the best way.

Just look at the first bedroom, complete with a playful stag motif on the wall and a flat screen tv....

Bedroom two was just as lovely and decked out with a different theme all together. What you can't see is an additional bed which doubles as a sofa too meaning 5 people could comfortably stay here.

The bathroom was ultra modern and sleek and had a washing machine/tumble drier tucked neatly in the corner too.

The kitchen had everything you would need and a table and chairs which you could sit around too (excuse our bags making the place look messy!) Handily there is also wifi, and a hair dryer and towels are included too; which makes meeting Ryanair's hand luggage restrictions that much easier!

Terrible picture but here is the outside of the building.

As you can hopefully see from the photos the apartment sells itself, it is fab. But, what was even better about this apartment, apart form the gorge interior was its location. Literally a five minute walk to the main square and all the bars and restaurants- you don't get much better than that. 

One of the other selling points of Airbnb are the hosts, well Daniel was great too, he answered all my questions before we arrived and met us at 10:30 at night for check in. He then proceeded to answer all our further questions and tell us about the area. It really helps you settle in to a new place that much quicker so thank you Daniel! 

If you follow this link when signing up to Airbnb you'll get a little discount off your first stay- £16 to be precise. Then for looking up this apartment check out this link, and for the rest of Daniel's listings click here

I am going to be Airbnb's biggest advocate from now on after having such a great experience if you want a cool place to stay, with friendly local hosts Airbnb should be your first stop.

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