City Break- Budapest: A walking tour

Originally I was going to put my whole visit to Budapest in one post, but it deserves way more than that so this is the first of a few.

On my first day I walked around the majority of the streets to the point where my feet ached but it was more than worth it. Budapest is the perfect city for walking around and you really don't need to use the public transport as your feet will do. Just be sure to rest in some of the lovely cafes.

So my walking tour of the city passed a lot of the sights starting with a walk past the impressive National Hungarian Museum....

I then came to the Central Market which is housed in an impressive building.  I wandered the various stalls which sold everything from paprika to locally made gifts, from the naff tourist souvieners to well stocked food stalls. Definitely worth a mooch and a place to curb your appetite, most likely built up already, nope just me?

From the market I crossed the Liberty bridge and walked along the Danube which gave spectacular views of the Parliament Building-(also worth going to see at night).

Following the river you soon reach the Royal Palace and once you climb up Castle Hill you are treated to great views of both sides of the river.


You can also see the fairytale esque Fisherman's Bastion

 and the colourful facades of the old town..

Then walk back across the river for a closer look at the beautifully ornate Parliament building.

After this I was well and truly done in so it was back to the hostel via a coffee shop for a well deserved break!!! Here is a very rough estimate of the route I wandered but in reality many more streets were explored. 

Watch this space for more Budapest escapades.....

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