City Break- Budapest: Széchenyi Baths

No trip to Budapest is complete without a visit to one of the cities many thermal baths. We opted to head to the Szechenyi Baths which we walked to from our hostel.

The baths are located in the City Park which is worth a wander round anyway as there is lots going on, it is home to the Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Circus and various museums.  The gateway to the park is through Hero's Square which is also very impressive. You can easily spend a day in the City Park so don't rush it.

The baths themselves are then a perfect way to relax after all the walking and exploring. Literally housed in a Palace these baths are a pretty special place. Upon paying entry you then have access to the indoor and outdoor pools, there are a variety of temperatures so you can really relax. With your entrance fee you can either choose a private cabin for changing or use the communal facilities where you are then given a locker, accessed easily with an electronic wristband, meaning all your valuables will be safe.

Cost wise you are looking at about €15-€20 which may seem quite steep but you have access to a lot of facilities and can easily while away hours. There are of course optional extras such a as a guide massage etc but I didn't really want to be paying any more, nor did I think it was that necessary.

These aren't the only thermal baths in the city so take your pick or work your way through them all! But if you want a classic experience head to the Szechenyi Baths and you are sure to be impressed.

**the piccys from inside the baths are from the official website.... my camera was left safely in the locker well away from water.

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