The Great Wall

Walking along the Great Wall was certainly a highlight of my time in Beijing. It is an iconic sight and no trip to Beijing is really complete without a visit.

The part of the wall I walked along was busy, I mean really busy. It was just bumper to bumper tourists, to get your own space you have to walk quite far but when you do, you get a real sense of just how impressive this structure is.

If I were to visit again I would make the effort to walk to a much quieter part, away from the hoards; but that is the beauty of travel and hindsight you always know how to do something better the second time around.

The views are certainly worth the hundreds of steps.

There may be lots of people but everyone forms an orderly queue, how very British.

You don't only get views of the wall going on for miles you get stunning views across the valley.

I am sure you don't need me to tell you, but if you are in Beijing do go pay a visit to the Great Wall. 

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