The Rock

If you have been to Koh Phi Phi and you had a Thailand Lonely Planet chances are you either stayed in or knew of "The Rock" Hostel. Down a few tiny streets, dodge the cyclists en route and following the signs for the viewpoint you will find this hostel perched on the side of a hill ( a cliff is a bit extreme). Up a couple flights of dodgy stairs built into the roots of a tree you'll probably find someone there to check you in- no reservations necessary with this one, literally just rock up (pun intended !!).

I have stayed at the Rock twice now once back in 2011 and again in 2013. The first time I stayed in the dorm room- 16 beds, barely any windows and two fans that didn't really work. The door was never shut so in terms of security and air con probably not your best pick. I am not selling this very well but I had nothing stolen and I met people that I am still in touch with now.

Of the two options it is safe to say the dorm rooms were the place to meet the people you would dance the night away on the beach with. The dorm rooms were a mere 200 baht a night and to give them credit spotlessly clean, likewise the shared toilets and showers. The showers had no hot water but given the temperature in Thailand its not exactly the worst thing and you are getting what you pay for. The views from the toilets are also pretty cool as you can see the beach.

Your other option is the private rooms which have windows, a small balcony bit, a mirror, safe and a locking door. So much better security and your own personal space. Even these rooms don't break the bank- now I can't quite remember how much they were more than the dorm but still less than the island average.

Double bed, private room

There are certainly some tales associated with the Rock and the graffiti scribbled all over the dorm rooms tell this quite nicely, and add to the charm.

If you like meeting people, are on a tight budget and are happy to climb a fair amount of stairs to get to your bed The Rock is certainly a hostel that I would recommend. Whilst I have easily stayed in much nicer places, I have stayed in much worse. Both times it was super clean and had friendly staff, however it was the other backpackers staying there that really made the Rock such a memorable hostel. The delights of Koh Phi Phi itself can be saved for another post.

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