Bungalow Bay

Tonight it is time for another hostel review, and I am going to take you to Magnetic Island off Australia's Queensland coastline. It is reached by ferry from the mainland town of Townsville, docking in Nelly Bay. To reach the hostel I stayed in you can catch a local bus really easily to take you round to Bungalow Bay.

Magnetic Island isn't huge, so there isn't a tonne of hostels to choose from however a decision still needs making. We had several recommendations for the YHA on the island and given we had YHA cards giving us a discount we decided to check ourselves in for a couple of nights. 

map taken from:  http://www.magnetic-island-townsville.com/magnetic-island-map.html 

We opted for a dorm room- this time it was female only, not something I would usually request but due to availability it was our only option. We were in an 8 bed dorm which is actually its own self contained unit- pretty cool. There is an en suite too, this has its ups and downs, yes you only share it with 7 other people not 30 but it often means someone is using the shower when you want to! The room itself was pretty standard for a dorm room so no complaints. 

However the rooms are certainly not the main selling point of Bungalow Bay, no this comes from the wonderful koala park that is located right on site. Tours do cost more but are worth every penny. You are met by a ranger who takes you through the park. Ours was friendly and very knowledgeable.

This tour isn't your usual one around a wildlife life park- this one is hands on. You get to hold crocs, birds, koalas, turtles and snakes.

It is also clear to see the animals are very well cared for and the hands on experience helps with the knowledge and education of the animals. That said being hands on does make for some great photo ops and an experience not every tourist gets. Money from the tour also goes towards the animals care which is nice to know.

I would really recommend Bungalow Bay for the tour alone even if you don't stay there, but as hostels go it has an on site bar, pool, campsite, kitchen and helpful staff. It is also in walking distance to several of the beaches on this lovely island. Go on check it out.

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