You are probably thinking of the wonderful sea creature. In fact this post is about the delightful Dolphins' Beach House in Noosa Australia.

I have stayed in my fair share of hostels and this so far is my absolute favourite. Not just down to the obvious price and location it is the general vibe of this hostel that truly makes it so great. So my time at Dolphins .....

Myself and a friend stayed here in August 2013 fresh from our trip to Fraser Island we were headed to Noosa and needed somewhere to stay.  A friend recommended Dolphins and man what a good recommendation that was. After a relatively short bus from Hervey Bay we rocked up at Noosa bus terminal, usually it is then a trek or a taxi to a hostel. Not at Dolphins they offer a free pick up service in their brightly decorated mini bus. Our driver was great and so welcoming so we knew we were on to a winner.

When we arrived at what can only be described as a very pink hostel,  located 5 minutes away from sunshine beach, we were helped with our bags and taken to reception. Now August is low season in Aus, and Dolphins change their prices accordingly for a 4 bed dorm it was going to cost $20 a night- bargain. In comparison our stay in Cairns in an 8 bed dorm cost us $30. Over a few nights a difference like that really adds up.

The dorms are really cute - more like a two bed apartment. There is a kitchen, seating area, TV and bathroom, then the two dorm rooms all in one unit. The dorm room isn't the biggest but there is plenty of space for sitting around elsewhere. The benefits of the units is that the max number of people you will be sharing a kitchen and bathroom is 8/10 not the usually 20-30+. It also gives you a better chance to actually get talking to people.

The shuttle bus then kicked in to use again and we hopped on to head to the main beach. The shuttle service is free and runs through the day. Its not all the time - but hey they stick to the timetable and it is free!! On a side note the coastal walk from sunshine beach to main beach is a must- you may even be lucky and see a whale or two.

Other extras Dolphins has which are great is free wifi, it only really works in the communal areas. This is like most hostels to be fair and you are usually paying so you can't moan. They also offer a free pool table, swimming pool and surf board hire- deposits are required but if you look after the stuff it won't cost you a penny.

On top of all the little extras that are free at Dolphins and are usually not in other hostels the general hostel vibe is just great. Every single person we met there was so lovely and welcoming, most working there were backpackers themselves, that is testament to how good the hostel is, people just don't want to leave!! It is a really relaxed hostel centered around a courtyard it has character and personality which the chain hostels like nomads and base just lack.

We only stayed three nights, but man were they memorable. We had been told numerous times about the traditional Wednesday pizza night. $5 to join in for all you can eat homemade pizza which Down Under is the biggest bargain ever! Or if even that is too much if you offer to help with the washing up you get it for free, naturally that's what we did. Pizza night did not disappoint, pretty much everyone staying in the hostel turned up and sat round the long table put together for the occasion. The pizza's kept coming, conversations was flowing, and a few casual beers were drunk. The fun didn't end there and the night turned in to a group sing along around an acoustic guitar- just great and not your usual night in a hostel. Whilst there isn't an on site bar its just not needed, they let you bring your drinks in anyway- all in all nicer and cheaper than a grimy backpacker bar.

The next night was movie night sat under the veranda, again most of the hostel turned up to sit and watch fast and furious. You could see the disappointment in peoples faces when they turned up late- they knew they had missed out!

The following morning it was time to head to Brisvegas (Brisbane) and of course we got the free shuttle back to the bus station. Was such a wonderful few days at Dolphins, if you go to Noosa do visit the Eramundi markets if you can too- they are full with knick knacks galore and loads of yummy food stalls, I struggled to contain myself.

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